Nils Hahmann

Dolby Atmos Engineer, Classical Music Producer
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After studying audio engineering at the SAE Frankfurt (1992) and studying electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, Nils Hahmann went into radio (radio plays) and the Berlin studio scene. Pro Tools has been his main DAW since that time. He then worked as a product specialist at Digidesign/Avid for about ten years from 1997 and introduced users to Pro Tools and the associated hardware controllers over many years.

He has been working as a freelance sound engineer for a good ten years and has many years of experience in classical music, choral music and jazz. As part of these activities, he has gained extensive experience in recording surround and immersive audio productions (Dolby Atmos) and with audio networks (Dante).

Nils has been a member of the vdt, Association of German Sound Engineers.

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Nils Hahmann

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