Gyso Hilger

Senior Mastering Engineer
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Gyso worked for several years as an audio engineer, music producer, composer and musician in the „Lofthaus Studios“ and the “Get into Magic” Studios in Darmstadt before becoming self-employed at the recording studio „Nektarium“ in 2004 in Darmstadt.

In addition to that, he became famous as the guitarist of the band “Tobsucht” and the musical mastermind of the electronic-jazz duo “Nekta”.

As a mastering engineer Gyso has now established himself as a contact for professional mastering in germany. With a large repertoire of the best analog mastering hardware (Manley, Chandler, Vertigo, Sontec, Thermionic Cultutr, API, Studer), he has mastered a lot of productiones here since 2016, including releases of the Frankfurt based label "INFRACom!" and young artists such as "Gwen Dolyn" and "metty".

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Gyso Hilger

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