Chris Lausmann

Producer, Musician and Composer
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Chris Lausmann was born in 1966 and has been working successfully as a musician, composer and music producer for more than 30 years. He is our specialist in theMelodic Rock / AOR genre. He produced the following artists and bands, among others:

Studio Production

Voices Of Rock (2 albums; production)
Bonfire (6 albums production and co-production)
Michael Schenker (Live in Madrid – DVD Recordings)
Jaded Heart (4 albums; production and co-production)
Human Zoo (2 albums; production and co-production)
Markus Boeltz Departure (production)
Phil Cornell (production)

Other studio productions with artists such as Robin Beck, Dan Reed, Tony Martin,Mad Max, Casanova, James Christian, Johnny Gioelli, Gary Barden, Joe LynnTurner, etc.

Live and event technology tour service for artists and bands

Michael Schenker Group, Steve Stevens, Herman Rarebell, Pink Cream 69, CrownOf Thorns, Mad Max GSA + Wacken Open Air, Cornerstone Germany Tour, JadedHeart EU - Tour, Crush Zec Begg GSA Tour, Paganini GSA Tour, Bonfire EuropeanTour, ASIA, Saga, Dare, Human Zoo, etc.

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Chris Lausmann

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