Claudio Jans

Dolby Atmos Engineer, Rock Music Producer
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"We realize your rockin´ ideas" – Claudio Jans

Meet Claudio Jans, a true luminary in the realm of Dolby Atmos and rock music production. With a career spanning over three decades, Claudio has earned his place among the mixing engineers and producers in the industry. His innovative techniques, creative vision, and unwavering dedication have led to numerous awards and accolades, making him a true trailblazer in the field.

Career and Rise: Claudio's journey in the music industry began as a young intern at a local recording studio. His innate talent and unrelenting passion for music quickly propelled him into the spotlight. In his career, he had the privilege of working with legendary rock acts and musicians like: The Lords – Stinger - Razzmatazz - [insane] - Billy Sheehan (Mr.Big, The Winery Dogs) - Chris Laut (Ohrenfeindt) - Stefan Lehmann (Torfrock, Propeller) - Mark Evans (AC/DC, Rose Tattoo) - Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio, Rhino Bucket) - Bob Richards (AC/DC, Buck&Evans) - Vega Vega (Stop Stop) - Luca Princiotta (Doro, Luca Princiotta Band) - Tony Currenti (AC/DC) - Dai Pritchard (Rose Tattoo)…..

Pioneering Dolby Atmos: As the music industry transitioned into the immersive world of Dolby Atmos, Claudio was at the forefront of this evolution. He embraced the format's potential to transport listeners into the heart of the music, creating a three-dimensional audio experience like no other. His Dolby Atmos mixes have redefined how we perceive and interact with music, earning her critical acclaim and setting new industry standards.

Innovative Soundscapes: Claudio's signature touch lies in his ability to capture the essence of a song, infusing it with depth, clarity, and emotion. His Dolby Atmos mixes take listeners on a sonic journey, with every instrument and vocal enveloping the audience in a breathtaking sonic panorama.

Awards and Recognitions: Claudio's contributions to the world of music production have not gone unnoticed. He has amassed a collection of prestigious awards, for his exceptional mixing and production work. His ability to craft immersive, emotionally resonant soundscapes has consistently placed him in a league of her own.

In sum, Claudio Jans is a visionary mixing engineer and producer whose contributions to Dolby Atmos and rock music have left an indelible mark on the industry. His innovative spirit, dedication to sonic excellence, and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio engineering continue to inspire and shape the future of music production.

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