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Slash and Michael Schenker
The great Slash and Michael Schenker where here to record guitars at Studios 301 Germany!
Preparing to record marching drums with the talented drummer and percussionist Max Gärtner.
Preparing to record marching drums with the talented drummer and percussionist Max Gärtner.
Recording Grand Piano for Dolby Atmos
The grand piano is undisputedly considered the king of musical instruments. With their artistic commitment, a pianist is capable of creating a captivating spatial sound with the instrument. To record a 3D sound in Dolby Atmos, we invited the 17-year-old emerging pianist Marius Siegenthaler to our studio. He impressively performed Ballade No. 4 in F minor by Frederic Chopin. For the 3D recording at Studios 301, we employed a special microphone technique. The result, after the mixdown in our Dolby Atmos studio, sounds magnificent!
Exciting News: "INFAMIUM" Coming Soon as an Audiobook!
We are thrilled to announce that the gripping historical conspiracy novel "INFAMIUM," set in the early Middle Ages, is soon to be brought to life as an audiobook right here at our studio! This enthralling story, rich with intrigue, power struggles, and clandestine alliances, is set to captivate listeners with its vivid portrayal of a tumultuous era.
The BoMassa Experience: A Tribute to Joe Bonamassa & Beth Hart at Studios 301
When the powerful sounds of Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart resonate through the halls of Studios 301, it’s likely “The BoMassa Experience” is at work. This talented tribute band has dedicated itself to preserving the musical legacy of these two icons. We recently had the pleasure of welcoming the band, especially the charismatic singer Kati Luft, to our studios. Their commitment and musical passion deeply impressed us and stand as a testament to the timelessness of Bonamassa and Hart’s music. The video they recorded here is more than just a performance; it’s a journey through emotions, talent, and raw musical energy. We invite you to experience the magic of “The BoMassa Experience” for yourself and gain insight into their inspiring session at our studios.
Culinary Meets Sound: Johann Lafer’s Podcast at Studios 301
It’s no secret that many sound engineers and music producers not only have a keen ear for music but also a passion for culinary creations. However, our studio kitchen was recently illuminated by a true master of culinary arts: Johann Lafer. The renowned television chef chose Studios 301 for the production of his captivating podcast. As a guest, he invited the well-known publicist and presenter Laura Karasek to discuss topics that go far beyond cooking. The result is a conversation filled with depth, humor, and of course, a dash of culinary art. This worthwhile interview not only provides insights into Johann Lafer’s culinary world but also his views on life, culture, and society. For anyone interested in the intersection of gastronomy and creativity, this conversation is a genuine auditory experience.
X Mas Grooves Get Together Recap: Networking Hits High Note at Studios 301
In December, Studios 301 hosted the "X Das Grooves Get Together," drawing in a vibrant mix of musicians, industry pros, and music lovers. Notable guests like George Liszt, Olli Hartmann, and Gundi Keller added star power to an evening of networking and musical passion. Also Hermann Gier the head of SPL joined the event. Studios 301 is a hub of creativity, fostering connections and showcasing the magic of collaboration. As we look ahead, mark your calendars for the next Get Together in spring—a chance to reignite those musical sparks. Stay tuned for the spring date, and thanks to all who made December's gathering a hit. See you next time at Studios 301!
Get Together at Studios 301 with Guests from Hessischer Rundfunk
Our latest Get Together at Studios 301 was a particular highlight, thanks to the esteemed visit from Hessischer Rundfunk. Werner Reinke, a true broadcasting legend, along with music editor Lidia Antonini and the well-known hr1 voice Marion Kuchenny, made the evening unforgettable. It was a night filled with lively discussions about music, enriched by the experiences and anecdotes of our esteemed guests from the broadcasting world. The opportunity to exchange ideas in our creative environment was an enrichment for all participants. Evenings like these promote dialogue between the various players in the music and media industry and demonstrate the power of personal encounters. We look forward to more inspiring gatherings at Studios 301.
Music Meets High-End Technology: A Symbiosis in the Foyer of Studios 301
Music and technology, two realms that have always gone hand in hand, yet often resonate in different spheres. At Studios 301, we have made it our mission to bring these two passions together. Sound tinkerers and HiFi enthusiasts, two sides of the same coin, find a shared sonic space with us. With the support of Björn Brormann, an expert from the renowned AUDITORIUM in Hamm, we elevate the listening experience to a new level. Björn has equipped our foyer with an exquisite high-end system from GRYPHON, allowing us to experience mixdowns not only through our professional studio monitors but also on a top-class HiFi system – directly connected via the Dante network. This fusion of music production and audiophile excellence offers a unique experience that is a must-hear! Discover more about this fascinating collaboration at Auditorium.de.
At Studios 301, we host events that go beyond music and creativity. This time, we are excited to host the special workshop series “Rock Your Love,” led by mental coach Jana Solvejg and RockCoach Uwe Lerch. Under the inspiring motto “Stable Connection & Familiar Intimacy - Winning Back Shared Happiness,” this workshop aims to provide couples with practical tools and support to strengthen and deepen their relationships. “Rock Your LOVE” is more than just a workshop. It’s a journey that takes couples through various aspects of their relationship, from addressing emotional pain points to building a fulfilling, long-lasting partnership. Jana and Uwe, with their extensive experience and empathetic approaches, create a safe and supportive space for couples to embark on this journey together.
Dolby Atmos Studio
We are thrilled to unveil the latest advancement in our audio capabilities – the 301 Dolby Atmos Studio, now fully operational in a 7.3.4 configuration. This state-of-the-art facility marks a significant milestone in our commitment to offering cutting-edge sound technology and services. At the heart of the 301 Dolby Atmos Studio is a 32-channel Avid S6 controller, renowned for its unparalleled control and flexibility in the mixing environment. Complementing this is our array of PMC speakers, delivering unmatched clarity and depth, essential for the immersive experience that Dolby Atmos provides.
Pro Tools Operator Station
We are excited to announce the latest addition to our world-class recording setup at Studios 301 – a brand-new Pro Tools operator station, strategically placed right next to our legendary SSL4064G console. This new installation is a game-changer for our recording sessions, offering enhanced flexibility and control to our sound engineers and artists. Equipped with the Avid S1 and Pro Tools Dock, the operator station seamlessly integrates with our system via Dante, ensuring the perfect CUE sound every time.
Jamin Rehearses at Studios 301 for his Tour
At Studios 301, we recently had the privilege of hosting Frankfurt's rising star, rapper Jamin, as he prepared for his highly anticipated Germany tour. The studio was buzzing with energy and creativity as Jamin fine-tuned his performance. Jamin, known for his dynamic style and compelling lyrics, chose Studios 301 for its state-of-the-art facilities and the perfect rehearsal environment it offers. Our studio became a creative sanctuary for Jamin and his crew, where they could focus on perfecting every aspect of the show, from the rhythms and rhymes to the stage presence and timing.
Here at Studios 301, we always relish the opportunity to host professionals from the music industry. This time, we had the pleasure of welcoming the tech crew of the renowned artist Till Lindemann. This group of specialists truly are the unseen stars behind the spectacular shows. Holger Schader, the project manager at Solotech, orchestrating the show's backbone; Christian Carver, the drum tech ensuring perfect rhythm; Olsen Involtini, the FOH (Front of House) Engineer, responsible for delivering optimal sound; Manu Schröder, the stage-tech, ensuring everything runs smoothly on stage; Nils Knecht, the monitor engineer, providing the essential sounds to the musicians; and Bertil Mark, the lightning designer, casting the shows in the right light.
Lachy Doley's
We at Studios 301 Sydney are thrilled to share the news of our recent collaboration with the exceptional Australian keyboardist, Lachy Doley, on his latest studio-live album. Known for his electrifying performances, Doley brought his unique sound to our studios, making this project an extraordinary experience for everyone involved. Our in-house engineer, Stefan Du Randt, skillfully led the recording sessions, capturing the essence of Doley's dynamic performance. With his Hammond B3 and a custom-modified Hohner D6 Clavinet, Doley created an unforgettable sonic experience that resonates with the soul of true musicianship.
Producer Victor Yakubu
The music producer Victor Yakubu, who comes from Nigeria and lives in Australia, worked with us on several songs that he pre-produced in Lagos and Sydney. Cellist Victor Plumettaz recorded some cello tracks for two tracks.
Primal Fear
Alex Beyrodt from Primal Fear stopped by at Studios 301 before his gig at Batschkapp!
Reezy at Studios 301
We recently had the privilege of collaborating with the successful rapper and top hip-hop producer Reezy.
Seeburg V-200 Juke Box
An absolute rarity has recently been added to our foyer. It is a Seeburg V-200 Juke Box from 1955. The lovingly restored “Electromechanical Playlist Machine” is equipped with 100 7" singles from across rock and pop history.
Jonas Hellborg visited us
Before his gig at Guitar Summit, Swedish jazz bassist Jonas Hellborg visited us at Studios 301. Jonas has already played with great musicians like Michael Brecker, Ginger Baker, John McLaughlin and the famous Mahavishnu Orchestra. With him was the Romanian guitarist and singer Ana Patan.
Prinzessin Lillifee CD
Proud to have produced the latest 'Prinzessin Lillifee' CD at Studios 301. For those unfamiliar, Lillifee is a magical fairy adored by many children. Kudos to Markus Löhr and Hendrik Radermacher for their masterful production skills.
As part of our Venue Hire we had the company WORKDAY as our guests. The well-known American manufacturer of business software held its partner meeting with us. Everyone involved felt inspired by the magic of a recording studio. A business meeting, held in a room acoustically optimized for music recordings, is a unique experience paired with special creativity.