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A studio concert isn't just another live performance; it's an intimate embrace between the artist and the audience, a raw experience of music in its purest form. At Studios 301, we elevate this experience to a symphony of perfection, ensuring every studio concert hosted within our walls is nothing short of magical.

Why are Studios 301 the pinnacle destination for studio concerts?
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Acoustic Mastery
Renowned for our unparalleled acoustics, Studios 301 ensures that every chord struck and every note sung resonates with pristine clarity. Here, music isn't just heard; it's felt deep within the soul.
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Intimate Spaces
Our uniquely designed spaces, from the famed live room to our elegant Foyer, enable close-knit interactions between artists and audiences, fostering a personal connection that larger venues often lack.
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Legacy and Atmosphere
With a rich musical heritage, the ambiance of Studios 301 instantly transports attendees into a realm of musical transcendence. Every corner echoes tales of legendary recordings, inspiring both artists and the audience.
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Perfectly positioned in Frankfurt, Studios 301 is a beacon for music enthusiasts, offering both artists and attendees easy accessibility and a plethora of nearby amenities.
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State-of-the-Art Equipment
Leveraging the finest audio technologies, we ensure that the sound quality is consistently impeccable, no matter the genre or ensemble size.
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Be it a solo acoustic set, a jazz ensemble, or a full-fledged pop band, our studios can be tailored to match the ambiance and requirements of any musical act.
More than just events

Studio concerts at Studios 301 aren't just events; they're experiences, journeys that delve deep into the heart of music. With every performance, we aspire to create moments that stay etched in memories forever.

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Transform your studio concert into a musical legacy

Choose Studios 301 for your next studio concert and transform it from an event into a musical legacy. Let your music meld seamlessly with our environment, crafting an unparalleled concert experience.

Headphone Sessions

Experience studio concerts like never before at Studios 301 with our immersive headphone sessions, where every note resonates with unmatched clarity and precision.

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