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Studios 301 Frankfurt: Where Sound Meets Perfection

Studios 301 in Frankfurt stands as a beacon of audio excellence for recording, mixing, mastering, and Dolby Atmos. Our unmatched equipment selection epitomizes the best of the best, ensuring every project shines with unparalleled clarity and depth.
In our acoustically pristine environment, your recordings capture the true essence of your sound. Mixing and mastering transform your music into polished gems, thanks to our expert engineers and top-tier technology.
Experience the future with our Dolby Atmos capabilities, offering an immersive, three-dimensional soundscape that elevates your audio to new heights.
Choose Studios 301 for an experience where quality meets innovation, setting your sound apart in the world of music.

Cutting-edge Equipment
Dolby Atmos Expertise
Expert Team
Superior Acoustics
Full-Service Offering
Innovative Techniques
Customized Service
Central Frankfurt Location

Our Audio Services

Ready to elevate your music? Book your session at Studios 301 today! Whether you're diving in solo, with your own producer, or seeking the expertise of our in-house engineers, we've got the perfect setup for you.

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At Studios 301, our recording and tracking services bring the energy and authenticity of live performances straight into the studio.

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At Studios 301, our mixdown services are all about refining and enhancing your audio tracks to their fullest potential.

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Our Dolby Atmos suite is meticulously designed for all kind of music, enabling artists and sound engineers to craft rich, enveloping soundscapes.

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Mastering at Studios 301 is the final touch that elevates your project from great to exceptional.

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Turn your vision into reality. Our state-of-the-art studio empowers creators, from aspiring songwriters to seasoned producers. Acoustically perfect and equipped with cutting-edge tech, it's all you need to craft top-quality music.

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At Studios 301, we're not just about elevating your music; we're about revolutionizing it. Partner with us to transform your sound into an extraordinary, three-dimensional masterpiece. Experience the zenith of audio innovation with Studio 301's Dolby Atmos services.

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