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Every great tour begins somewhere, often behind closed doors where notes are fine-tuned, and performances are polished. At Studios 301, we offer bands — both emerging and established — the ideal backdrop to perfect their craft before taking the world by storm.

Why is Studios 301 the ultimate choice for rehearsals and pre-tour preparation?
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Room to Breathe
Our expansive recording room is tailored for rehearsals, providing ample space to simulate a live stage environment. It's perfect for both intimate ensembles and larger bands gearing up for big stage performances.
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Acoustical Precision
Studios 301 is renowned for its impeccable acoustics, ensuring that your music is heard precisely as it's meant to be. This allows bands to gauge and perfect their sound in a true-to-life setting.
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State-of-the-Art Equipment
Armed with top-tier recording and sound equipment, bands can rehearse with the assurance of studio-grade sound quality, giving them a taste of the live sound they can achieve.
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Adaptable Environment
With a variety of spaces, from our sleek Foyer to our legendary recording rooms, we can tailor the environment to fit the essence and needs of your product, whether you're introducing cutting-edge tech or a revolutionary consumer good.
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Strategic Location
Nestled in the heart of Frankfurt, Studios 301 provides easy access for attendees, partners, and media, making it a strategic choice for significant announcements.
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Production Rehearsals
Beyond just practicing, the studio provides the right environment for bands to envision and execute their onstage production. This is particularly invaluable before embarking on major tours.
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Inspiring Legacy
Our studio walls have witnessed countless artists and bands rise to fame. Let the musical heritage of Studios 301 fuel your rehearsals, inspiring greatness at every chord.

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