Leo Elsner

Dolby Atmos Engineer
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Meet Leo, our Dolby Atmos enthusiast and seasoned Pro Tools expert. Leo discovered his passion for Dolby Atmos in 2022, propelling him into the dynamic world of 3D audio. Transitioning from classical percussion, he immersed himself in recording, mixing, and mastering over half a decade ago. Renowned for his meticulous editing and mixing skills, Leo shapes audio experiences that break new ground.

He started playing Piano and Percussion at the age of 5, leading to beginning his professional musical journey at the renowned University for Classical Music HMT Leipzig, where he studied classical percussion. He played in various orchestras, performing across Europe. Beyond the studio, Leo is a founding member of a new LoFi/House -focused record label dedicated to exclusive Dolby Atmos releases. His commitment to pushing boundaries extends beyond his work at MAINWAVE Audio, leaving his mark on the evolving landscape of audio production. Leo’s diverse experiences reflect a dedication to innovation and delivering cutting-edge sonic experiences.

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Leo Elsner

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