GET TOGETHER - The Rock'n Roll Hurricane is back in Frankfurt

GET TOGETHER - The Rock'n Roll Hurricane is back in Frankfurt

The music is playing in Frankfurt! Bands, artists, music producers, sound engineers as well as wire-pullers from the most diverse genres of the music industry have already met twice this year for a casual GET TOGETHER at Studios 301 Frankfurt. The starting signal for this special kind of event was given at the exhibition prolight & sound. Numerous exhibitors, visitors and members of the Association of German Sound Engineers (VDT) took the opportunity to end a long day at the fair in a relaxed atmosphere. No one had expected that well over 100 guests would come.
Apparently there is a great need to meet "offline" again and have a good time together. This gave Studios 301 manager Ulli Schiller the idea to hold the GET TOGETHER regularly with the aim of bringing together the various professional groups in the music industry.
So in July, after the GET TOGETHER - SPRING, the GET TOGETHER - SUMMER followed, which had considerably more guests than the first event. The Studio 301 team was actively supported by Uwe Lerch (The Blog Of Rock), Wolfgang Lücke (Limelight Gallery; former CEO of Musikmesse Frankfurt), Jana Simon (SLOVEJG Metal Rock Magazin), Susi Schiller (GET IN TOUCH), Holger Schader (Solotech), Frank Simon (Solotech) and Lena Knecht (Solotech).

The third GET TOGETHER will take place in December under the motto "Winter Grooves". We are looking forward to it!


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