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Welcome to Studios 301 Germany. As a premier extension of Australia’s largest and most iconic recording studio, we are dedicated to delivering an energetic playground for creative artists, musicians and producers, regardless of the genre.

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Music productions of all genres
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The soul of a recording studio is found in its unique sound, expertly crafted through calculated room acoustics and top-notch technical equipment. Our spaces are designed to elevate the recording experience with a warm, inviting atmosphere. The acoustics of each room were carefully planned by the renowned designer Jochen Veith of jv-acoustics.

Our Team

At Studios 301 Germany, we're proud to have a talented roster of the country's top engineers and producers. With a wealth of experience and a deep knowledge of our studios, they've worked with a diverse range of producers, composers, and artists.
Our engineers and producers excel in recording, mixing, and production, across a wide range of musical genres, including indie rock, pop, jazz, orchestral, hip hop, electronic music, and more.

Ulli Schiller
Peter Walsh
Frank Motnik
Nils Hahmann
Kabuki (Jan Hennig)
Gyso Hilger
Frank Heckel
Tonmeister (VDT), Sound Engineer, Classical Music Producer, Composer, Orchestrator
Tim Staat
Bernd Pfeffer
Nils Knecht
Freelance Recording and Mix-Engineer

Audio Services


Studios 301 Germany boasts four recording rooms with unique acoustics, including our flagship Liveroom 1. At 60 sqm, it offers ample space for dynamic sound recordings and features a perfectly balanced soundscape thanks to expertly designed acoustics elements. All rooms can be networked thanks to our Dante system. Our microphone collection includes a range of modern and vintage models, and tracking can be done with an SSL 4064 G, an API 1608 mixer, or via Dante directly into a DAW.

Audio Services - Studios 301 Germany


The defining factor in a top-notch mixdown is the engineer or producer's touch. Our team's expertise, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, elevates musical performances to a level of audiophile quality. To ensure optimal sound, our control rooms are designed with precision acoustics and calibrated monitor loudspeakers in mind.

Mixdown - Studios 301 Germany


Our mastering process combines technical precision with a creative touch. Our experienced mastering engineer, Gyso Hilger, brings years of expertise to refine and enhance your mix, resulting in a truly polished final product. Trust us to elevate your sound to new heights.

Mastering - Studios 301 Germany
301 Academy & Events - Studios 301 Germany

301 Academy & Events

As technology in the studio and music production industry evolves, it's essential to stay up to date and expand your skills. That's why we offer a range of courses and events through the 301 Academy, from beginner basics to advanced techniques. Our all-day seminars, weekend workshops, and masterclasses provide hands-on learning and practical experience. Join us in April 2023 for our first round of classes.

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Venue Hire

With their modern and appealing design, our studios are the perfect setting for your events. From exhibitions and product presentations, to album releases, artist showcases and conferences, we've got you covered. And if you'd like, our lounge area can easily be transformed into a cosy restaurant.

Video shoots for artists and audio gear presentations
Art Exhibitions
Product presentations (audio equipment)
Company Parties
546 m2
Ceiling Height
3m - 4m
Listening Parties
Album Launch Parties
Live Music Streaming

Getting Here

Studios 301 Germany is located in the heart of Frankfurt. The East Side district of Frankfurt  is the centre of the creative industries with numerous hotels, restaurants and music shops.

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Hanauer Landstr. 172
D-60314 Frankfurt/Main
Tel.: +49 69 34876681

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The studio is approximately 30 minutes away by taxi from the international airport. For those travelling by car, a short connection to the A661 motorway ensures easy access. The studio is also accessible by public transportation, with the tram line 11 stopping right in front of the door.

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